Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation Questions

Question:  My budget is tight, can I order a sofa bed instead of one of the bedrooms? 

Answer:  Yes, you can order a sofa bed instead of a bedroom however, when sofa beds are not ordered as overflow the cleaning fee is calculated the same as ordering a bedroom. 

Question:  We have friends staying in Tahoe can we invite friends over to watch a movie ? 

Answer:  It depends on the number of friends you would like to invite and the number of people in your party.  Our vacation rental permit has a maximum occupancy  on the premises of 10 guests and our parking permit allows for three cars. 

Question:  I am not sure of my guest count and how many bedrooms we will require? 

Answer:  If you are not sure of the number of guests or the number of bedrooms you will require we recommend starting with a limited number and just adding more bedrooms or sofa beds when your headcount is better solidifed.  We allow deletions up until the final payment has been made and additions up to the day of arrival.  Our policy allows up to two changes to the agreement without charge.    

General Questions about the House

Question:  Do cell phones work at at the house ? 

Answer:  It depends on the cell phone carrier you are using.  From our experience using an AT&T blackberry and Iphone. We get good coverage with this carrier. If you have TMobile this service is marginal.  For those of you using Verizon and Sprint we get farily good service. 

Question:  Does the House have a Generator? 

Answer:  No, the cabin does not have a generator as we have not had enough power outages to justify the expense.      

Question:  We just arrived and stocked the refrigerator but it does not seem to be cooling? 

Answer:  When you are at home your refrigerated already has foods that are chilled that act to absorb a certain amount of the heat from warmer foods being placed in the refrigerator. When there is no food in the refrigerator it can take up to 24 hours to reach the proper cooling temperature. This may cause you to think that the refrigerator is not working properly when it actually is.   It is important not to adjust the cooling setting to the highest level as this could actually cause the refrigerator to freeze up and fail to operate.  Be sure to keep the refrigerator doors closed as the freezer and fresh food compartment will warm up when doors are open and continual opening of the doors will delay the cooling process.  We suggest turning the fresh food knob one setting colder (this will allow more cold air to flow into the refrigerator compartment). Allow 24 hours between adjustments. If the temperature is still not cool enough adjust the freezer knob one setting colder (this will allow the compressor to run slightly longer providing lower temperatures.